Commercial EPCs
Understanding the system

Commercial Energy Performance certificates share a general structure with their domestic counterparts, but there are large differences, both in the way the surveys are carried out and the data is presented.

When commissioning a commercial EPC, it is useful if you have to hand information about the useable size of the property, the heating systems involved and air conditioning present. This is because commercial EPCs are divided into categories or 'Levels' which are set by the type of heating system present. Level three properties are defined by basic heating and comfort cooling, level four properties will include much more complex ducted heating/cooling systems.

As a general rule, if the heating system uses medium or high temperature boilers from a central plant room, the property will be level four. Also, if the cooling and heating systems are built into the ventilation system, the property is probably level 4. If you are in any doubt as to what level your property is, please call to discuss your requirements.

The survey on a commercial property is carried out in much greater depth than for residential properties. It is usual for a site visit to take a minimum of two hours, although more complex properties can take a day or more. Once all the information is collected from the site visit, the assessor needs to spend about the same time again 'Modelling' the property with specialist software, adding in the heating, cooling, lighting and hot water systems for each zone. Once this is done a rating is produced, along with a recommendation report.

The rating works exactly opposite to a residential rating. Where a residential EPC rating is from 1 - 100 with 100 being the best possible, a commercial rating is based on carbon output so the lower the figure the better. The commercial EPC graph will show not only the rating of the subject building, but a comparable rating from an average building as well as a rating from a building of the same size and usage but built to todays regulations. For older industrial properties, it is not unusual to see ratings of 150 or more, where a new property of the same size and use might be half that.

Commercial EPCs are much more time consuming, more detailed and not least, much more beneficial to a potential tenant or buyer... It is not unusual to see potential savings in the thousands just by changing the type of lighting in an office block or factory!

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